Performance Work


Personality Café, Dublin Fringe Festival, Filmbase, Temple Bar.


Personality Café, Dublin Fringe Festival. Cake Café, Camden St.
Give a Thing; Get it Back, Dublin Fringe Festival. Streets of Temple Bar.


No a La Guerra, (No to the War) Colegio de las Belles Artes, Valencia, Spain.
Mart, The Viking Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin.


Personality Café was a collective performance event for the Dublin Fringe Festival created by Nina Tanis and Fiona Dowling. The idea was that a café would run for 10 nights during the festival where a different artist was invited to run the café their way for one night only. We all helped the other artists out on their night and between us ran a great event.

"When I grow up I want to run a café" was the theme of my Personality Café night in 2007. I made lots of silly cakes with lots of colour and goo in them, had very big cups with very small plates, lots of costumes for people to dress up in, paper table cloths for people to draw on and plenty of other artists willing to dress up and be waiters and helpers on the night. Great fun was had by all!


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